• WD4HVA "Randall"
    .  Randall will sharing his comments and pictures soon.
  • Allen Baker, KG4JJH, wrote an article for the May, 2003 issue of QST magazine entitled The Black Widow--A Portable 15 Meter Beam...   from MOXON to Cebik to Baker, a proven design that will have you reeling in contacts during Field Day and beyond.   Click here to download construction diagrams and antenna radiation patterns companion to his article. (Allen may be the most knowledgeable person regarding moxons and experimental moxon designs on this website.  Please contact him if you have detailed questions as he enjoys responding.)  
  • G0WSP "Phil", .  Phil designed and built a multi-band MOXON which you can learn more about by clicking here.
  • N0KHQ "John", .  John designed and built a Coaxial MOXON which employs RG-58 coax instead of wire for the elements to reduce the physical size of the antenna.    You can learn more about John's MOXON by clicking here.
  • VA3ZW "Scott", .  Scott designed and built a 15 meter MOXON with bamboo spreaders to reduce the cost of the antenna.    You can learn more about Scott's MOXON by clicking here.
  • KA4SDU "Hal", .  Like Scott, Hal also designed and built his MOXON with bamboo but in a far different physical configuration.    You can learn more about Hal's unique MOXON design by clicking here .
  • W1ZY "Bill", . Bill has designed and built a 40 meter MOXON!  It's a huge antenna!   You can learn more about his antenna by  clicking here.
  • YU1QT "Andra". .  Andra has designed a 6 band MOXON.   Click here for a picture and notes.  Andra has also fabricated a 3 element 40 meter MOXON which you can view by clicking here.
  • N5GLR "Garry.  Garry was inspired by this website to construct a Hybrid 20 meter MOXON which uses coax cable instead of wire. Click here for a picture, diagrams and notes.
  • F5MAG .  He has built a great looking five band MOXON! Click here for a picture and additional information.
  • YU1QT 6 band hybrid MOXON. (recently updated) Click here.  YU1QT has also built a 3 element 40 meter MOXON which you learn about by clicking here.
  • N2YET modified 17 meter Moxon.  Click here (this is a qsl.net link).
  • JR3TVH'S Vertical Moxon Array for Portable (VMAP)...click here

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