Scott built his MOXON for 15m with bamboo spreader poles and #12 insulated copper stranded wire. The antenna is up about 35 feet and rotated with, what else, a radio shack rotor. 

Scott's first contact was a G4 who gave him a 5-7 report.  Later in the day he worked 9J2BO in Zambia and C5Z in The Gambia.   Scott reports that he has worked more DX into Africa with this antenna than ever before in over 20 yrs of hamming. None of this would be half as impressive if it were not for the fact it was done with a FT-817 at only 5  watts.

Scott is certainly impressed with the performance of his MOXON!

Note:  Scott used yellow bamboo at a total cost of 15$.  The hub is constructed of a piece of plywood and some scrap angle aluminum. Its on a 10 ft mast above the house at about 37' . The antenna uses tie wraps to attach the wire to the spreaders. He used a small piece of pvc pipe for insulators.  Scott elected to use bamboo because of the low cost.  He feels that if they last the winter it will have been a good investment

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